Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Episode 5....We made it ...sorta ...kinda

When Dave and I first started podcasting we were told about 2 early milestones we needed to reach to feel more a part of the Podcasting community. First we needed to make it to Episode 5. From there we could begin our advertising campaign, or at least try to get more then two people to listen. Next we need to hit 10. Ten is a solid number that shows that your serious about this and that in some peoples minds we made it. So this show, our first show attempting to have some sort of format gets us to our first milestone. It also gives us a chance, due to lack of material to look back at 4 of our proudest,ahh maybe more like....well 4 moments in our show's brief past and shows what kind of stuff our listeners can look forward to in the future.

Mercenaries 2 Makes Venezuela Nervous (PS3)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Read up on Pulse and may of Brian Bendis other comics at Jinx World

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vote for us....or at least listen to us....maybe think about it?

If your reading this blog my clever plan worked, or you misspelled the site you were trying to get to. The next step is for you to subscribe to our show. Its a good show. We are still working out the kinks but with listener input and maybe a new mic we should get better as the shows go on.
Our next show due out Monday or so will be our first show with an attempt at a format, if we can find one. And the show after that will be all X3.

We are going to see it Sunday and will give you our unbiased opinion on it, unless that Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romaine autographed picture comes first. Shh..don't tell Dave.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Episode 4

Dave and Chris cover E3, the gaming expo that wrapped up more than a week ago. Now you know that these guys spent all that time working on in depth analysis of the games and where the industry is going to be heading with the next generation. They have their picks of what was cool, spun in that cooky way that their fans have come to love. Yes! They do to have fans! Well they have a couple listeners. At this point they may have more haters than listeners, but they will not be discouraged. Do your worst El Nacho, you are no match for these two. Although if you just let tem go, they will probably just destroy themselves.

Here is some E3 coverage from well....E3

If your looking to talk about or listen to some guys and girls talk about gaming here are some great places to look

All Games Radio

The Video Game Show

Video Game Outsiders



*All of the sites about have podcasts connected to them*

And just so there's no hard feelings....

Here is a link to El Nacho's site and podcast

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Episode 3

The podcast goes into Civil War! Who's side are you on? Dave and Chris cover Marvel's big event for
this summer, Civil War. They look at how it has been covered by media outside of the comic book
industry. They talk about the writer of Civil War, Mark Millar. They compare the story to 9/11 and
the Patriot Act. Chris debates Dave, but neither of the guys get cool new Spider-armor to fight in.

Actual text from the Patriot Act

NPR's View on the Civil War

Newsarama's story on Civil War

IGN Preview and look at Civil War

Marvel's View on Civil War

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Episode 2 of That's Good to Know

It was a struggle, but we won't be kept quiet! Episode Two of That's Good to Know is online and
ready for download. Dave and Chris cover their lack of interest in this summer's blockbuster movies.
Chris gets paranoid about Dave trying to write him out of the show. Dave makes a plea to the
audience for psycho analysis. No wonder Switchpod faked a crash of their systems to get us off of
the internet, we're nuts!

Try these links for more info:

Apple Movie Trailers


Superman Returns

Da Vinci Code

That's Good to Know

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Links for the show

Here are a few links related to our first show.

Pittsburgh Comicon

Brian Bendis


DNA Frees local man

That's Good to Know


The Prototype Episode of That's Good to Know. The one that starts it all. In this episode Dave and
Chris talk about their experience at the Pittsburgh Comicon, meeting Brian Michael Bendis, and
Dave's dad drops in and learns what a podcast is.

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