Saturday, September 23, 2006

Episode 20 Drinks next show?

Dave and I do a comic book show for people who believe comics aren't for them. Dave looses it. We talk Mark Millar's theory on how comics are going to crash due to the Motion PIcture Industry. Dave talks Frank Miller on NPR discussing his feelings on 9-11. Dave's hero from the 90's Darkhawk returns!
A list of some of the lesser known, but really good , comic book podcasts. Chris reviews Dazzler number eleven and does not win the 10 speed, contest ended 1/4/82. Dave reviews Annihilation number two and convinces Chris to go buy 1 + 2. We shine the podlight on True Believers, a new comic book podcasts from our friends Scott and Ben of Two Geeks a mic and a Podcast.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


Dave and I hit on some actual news. We talk about Tony Blair announcing he will step down soon. Saddam not being linked to terrorists, and we observe 9/11 by looking back at where we were at the time of the attacks. The Rocky Balboa statue returns to the city of Philadelphia, just not to the right part of Philly. In Podcast News I talk about another podcasting award show. We review of Fox's Standoff which premiered last week. We look at NBC's fall lineup, Mondays could be really good. We shine this episode's podlight at the iFanboys. We even send out a call to their voice mail. We may be uncoordinated, but you get what you pay for. Enjoy.

We would also like to thank Ceann for letting us play their hit song 31 (Pittsburgh I am bound) in our intro. They are the best Almost Irish band I have ever heard. And they can be reached at their [url=]site[/url] and on [url=]myspace[/url].
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Episode 18.....the show is legal that a good thing?

Dave and I had a bit of a down week covering the deaths of Steven Irwin and Pittsburgh mayor Bob
O'Connor. In Podcast News we talk about the 50th No Where in Mulberry, thank our friends at the Video Game outsiders for their support and talk about the controversy brewing over the "7 Hottest Women in podcasting" moving to Podshow. Dave reviews Tenth and Wood, an action/crime film that stars James Marsden
(Cyclops from X-Men) and is set in Pittsburgh. Chris brings us Fox's fall television line and there looks to be a couple of decent new shows like House and Standoff *which premiered 9/5*, and little reality television. This episode's Podlight shines on Stuart Jaffey and the Eclectic Review Podcast and noodles.

If your checking our show out for the first time welcome aboard, there is plenty of room on the bandwagon. And if you are already on it, thanks for listening.

AND OK...if Jessica Alba did a podcast...I would listen.