Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode 25

We are finally back. Part one of our mega return show is up on the net as we speak....or type...or well you know what I mean. We couldn't hire that guy that does the voice over for the promos to Heroes so I hope the guy we got was good enough. Season 2, season 1 will be available on dvd soon, with behind the scenes footage, outtakes and commentary by.....someone other then us. Maybe Scott?

We were a little rusty but it gets better as it goes along. We have news, Batman and Robin really do fight crime, podcasts make news in podcast news, and PS3 and Wii make people wait in line for a REALLY LONG TIME...and in some places they turn people in to robbers and entrepreneurs. We also podlight two really good podcasts, but you will have to listen to find out which ones. I will give you a hint, one talks alot about "Save the Cheerleader, Save the world" I always new Cheerleaders were important to the world.

I know I left something out, so give the show a listen so you don't miss anything, oh and part two is on the way.

Here are some links related to part one and 2 that you might want to check out.

Paul Levinson...his books and his podcast.

The 9th: A Heroe's podcast

Check out Justine's myspace page, great pics and movies.