Monday, July 09, 2007

Episode 56....TRANSFORMERS

Even with the i-mic going down and without AC in studio C the transformers show must go on. Hope you like it.

The song that starts it all....well...sorta...

The sequel......maybe

One of the best fight scenes ever....well animated fight scenes

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Episode 55 Unsolved Mysteries

Dave sees Army of Darkness for the first time, who knew. We all get caught up with Rob and discuss some of the rides at Kennywood, including how Chris may possibly be behind the Rotar disappearing. Brian Michael Bendis signs on to work at Marvel for the rest of his life, well at least for a long time. Hitman movie trailer is revealed and Rob reveals he needs direction in his gaming. The Nowhere in Mulberry countdown continues in podcast news. Rob reviews Rocky Horror Picture Show in his retro review. And Chris brings us into the world of Shatnervision.

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