Friday, December 29, 2006

Episode 28 of That's Good to Know

We have News, Podcast News, Dave's Review of Shining Force Neo on the Playstation 2 and our views and opinions on the Transformers the Movie trailer, I loved it. Also bonus Christmas content, I gave Dave his Christmas gift (you'll have to listen to find out what it is)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our listeners

Thanks for listening

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Episode 27 of That's Good to Know

A first for our show, we try and be serious and talk about James Kim and pay tribue to him in some way. We just hope you enjoy it and keep the Kim family in your thoughts and prayers over the holiday season.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tribute to James Kim

**This is a copy of a forum post I posted to cnet's BOL Lounge but I felt it should be posted here too**
There have been many incredible, emotional tributes to James over the last few days. I am still a bit emotional from watching Molly's Eulogy. I think that us, the BOL-ers, and anyone else on the cnet forums, crave forums, forums, everyone who has heard of James Kim needs to pay tribute to him. James' death reminds me of when our Mayor O'connor here in Pittsburgh died. Many people were sad and grieved his lose. The one thing that seemed to sprout up all over town around the time before and right after his death were the outpouring of happy stories about the mayor. How he made a difference in so many people's lives. Now most of us have never met James in person, but in some way he effected our lives. We may have watched his reviews on cnettv, we may have heard him on a podcast or ever just heard Tom, Molly or Veronica talk about him on BOL. We all got closer to James through the site, the podcasts, and the forums. This site and these forums feel like an extended family to me sometimes, and James was a happy, always smiling, always mentioning his kids part of that family. So here is what I think we ALL need to do.

1. If you have a blog, podcast, website, plane with a banner hanging off the back of it, billboard, anything, get the word out about James. Tell someone a happy story about James. Everyone is so sad and upset now from James' death that we all need to remember and think about the good times, without forgetting what has happened. So spread the word.

2. If you go to forums for other podcasts or other tech sites or anything and they have a general news or off topic section, post something about James there. Tell a happy story, even one you may have heard from someone the cnet staff in their blog or forum post.

Let everyone know that there are happy, fun to work with people out there. There are good fathers and husbands who put their families before themselves and do anything they can for them.

3. If you do any of the above things, post a link to the cnet tributes and to the site so people can help them out. I know its the holiday time of the year and money is tight, but can you look at the pictures of James and his wife and kids and not want to do something for them.

That is my idea. If anyone wants to comment on it, add to it or tell me why its a bad idea please do.

We will all miss you James.
My thoughts and prayes are with the families and with everyone here at Cnet.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim: A father Lost

James Kim husband and father of two was found this afternoon after a search had begun 2 days ago. His wife and 2 kids had survived 9 days stranded in the wooded mountains of Oregon, and James had gone for help sometime earlier in the week leading to his death. James will be missed by cnet fans and old tech tv fans all over the world.

Leave your wishes, thoughts and prayers for the Kim family on this page on set aside for the family.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode 25

We are finally back. Part one of our mega return show is up on the net as we speak....or type...or well you know what I mean. We couldn't hire that guy that does the voice over for the promos to Heroes so I hope the guy we got was good enough. Season 2, season 1 will be available on dvd soon, with behind the scenes footage, outtakes and commentary by.....someone other then us. Maybe Scott?

We were a little rusty but it gets better as it goes along. We have news, Batman and Robin really do fight crime, podcasts make news in podcast news, and PS3 and Wii make people wait in line for a REALLY LONG TIME...and in some places they turn people in to robbers and entrepreneurs. We also podlight two really good podcasts, but you will have to listen to find out which ones. I will give you a hint, one talks alot about "Save the Cheerleader, Save the world" I always new Cheerleaders were important to the world.

I know I left something out, so give the show a listen so you don't miss anything, oh and part two is on the way.

Here are some links related to part one and 2 that you might want to check out.

Paul Levinson...his books and his podcast.

The 9th: A Heroe's podcast

Check out Justine's myspace page, great pics and movies.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Episode 24

Dave and I talk about an animate Pope movie, the US sending weapons into space, possibly with cloaking devices, and the Halo movie looses financing. A review of the special features in the X3
DVD. We cover a few November movie releases. Dave does some literary readings during which I almost go crazy.

This was one of our shortest shows, but its just to save up energy for the big Halloween show.

See ya next week.


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Monday, October 16, 2006

Episode 23 of That's Good to Know

Dave follows up the Blakets as pornography story. The risk of a broken internet for the future. A man in Italy decides to leave the world to live in a cave, the sequel to Walden. In Delhi
monkeys = pigeons. We look at this past week's episode of Smallville. I finish my coverage of the 24 Hour Comic
Book Day and podlight the podcast Art of Roleplay. No girls in school girl outfits or robot fetishism ( involved. Maybe in a later podlight.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Episode 22 of That's Good to Know

Dave and I talk about a report on using video games in classrooms. Christie's Auction House has an auction of Star Trek Memorabilia and we think about ordering the Captain's Chair. The Pope destroys Limbo. Members of Marshall, MO, move to ban Craig Thompson's "pornographic" memoir, Blankets. Dave reviews the crime comic Criminal, by Ed
Brubaker. I review the Martin Scorese film, "Departed" and offers a synopsis on the latest episode of the television series "Numb3rs". I comments on Sienna Miller's creative description of Pittsburgh and call her out. And I discuss my time at the Twenty Four Hour Comic Book Day. Last in the show I do a podlight on Barely Podcasting, while Dave goes onto and investigates Sienna Miller.

Thanks for listening

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Check out the links below. All of these guys were really nice to me at the 24 Hour Comic Day and deserve to have their books out their. Some of this will be covered in this weeks show and some in next week. Good stuff

Check out some of Scott's work at
World of Orenda

Check out Dan's work at
Broken Pencil Studio

Check out Barry's work at
you can also get the others (Dan and Scott) at Straumhause as well

Mike can be found at
Mr Kohler

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Episode 21...we really aren't drunk

Dave and I return from hiatus for a new season of That's Good to Know. Dave warns you about getting surgery in France and that its not a good idea to send a hitman after Nurses in Portland.And our special reporter Scott lets us know how even in the ocean your still not safe from sharks. Dave reviewsHitman Bloodmoney for PS2 and I review Ultimate Spider-man for XBox. We quickly wrap up this fall's television line up. And look at a couple October movie releases. And Podlight shines on Smartbomb Radio.

Podsafe music performed by the Budz.
And magic is real.

We hope the sound quality is still good. We had to compress things a bit, this show's file was a bit large.

Thanks for listening.
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Episode 20 Drinks next show?

Dave and I do a comic book show for people who believe comics aren't for them. Dave looses it. We talk Mark Millar's theory on how comics are going to crash due to the Motion PIcture Industry. Dave talks Frank Miller on NPR discussing his feelings on 9-11. Dave's hero from the 90's Darkhawk returns!
A list of some of the lesser known, but really good , comic book podcasts. Chris reviews Dazzler number eleven and does not win the 10 speed, contest ended 1/4/82. Dave reviews Annihilation number two and convinces Chris to go buy 1 + 2. We shine the podlight on True Believers, a new comic book podcasts from our friends Scott and Ben of Two Geeks a mic and a Podcast.

Thanks for listening.
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Monday, September 11, 2006


Dave and I hit on some actual news. We talk about Tony Blair announcing he will step down soon. Saddam not being linked to terrorists, and we observe 9/11 by looking back at where we were at the time of the attacks. The Rocky Balboa statue returns to the city of Philadelphia, just not to the right part of Philly. In Podcast News I talk about another podcasting award show. We review of Fox's Standoff which premiered last week. We look at NBC's fall lineup, Mondays could be really good. We shine this episode's podlight at the iFanboys. We even send out a call to their voice mail. We may be uncoordinated, but you get what you pay for. Enjoy.

We would also like to thank Ceann for letting us play their hit song 31 (Pittsburgh I am bound) in our intro. They are the best Almost Irish band I have ever heard. And they can be reached at their [url=]site[/url] and on [url=]myspace[/url].
thanks for listening

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Episode 18.....the show is legal that a good thing?

Dave and I had a bit of a down week covering the deaths of Steven Irwin and Pittsburgh mayor Bob
O'Connor. In Podcast News we talk about the 50th No Where in Mulberry, thank our friends at the Video Game outsiders for their support and talk about the controversy brewing over the "7 Hottest Women in podcasting" moving to Podshow. Dave reviews Tenth and Wood, an action/crime film that stars James Marsden
(Cyclops from X-Men) and is set in Pittsburgh. Chris brings us Fox's fall television line and there looks to be a couple of decent new shows like House and Standoff *which premiered 9/5*, and little reality television. This episode's Podlight shines on Stuart Jaffey and the Eclectic Review Podcast and noodles.

If your checking our show out for the first time welcome aboard, there is plenty of room on the bandwagon. And if you are already on it, thanks for listening.

AND OK...if Jessica Alba did a podcast...I would listen.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Episode week we will be legal.

This is a long one people. Dave and I talk about Ebay and Google merging into one entity, but for good or for evil? Firefox to be apart of the new Microsoft operating system Vista? REALLY? The Emmys were good, mostly because of Conan. The creative process behind Comedy Central's South Park. Podcasting news. Part one of the Fall movie preview with special attention to Hollywoodland. We breeze through the fall line up of the new television network, the CW. We hope Smallville gets better this year and Veronica Mars earns a 4th season this year. Podcast spotlight on Neptune Radio. A podcast about Veronica Mars. Also featuring "Don't Download This Song," by Weird Al
(don't sue us).

Check [url=]Cnet [/url]for any updates on the tech stories we mentioned.

And check out [url=]Neptune Pirate Radio's site[/url]


And we are on [url=]myspace[/url], I know it needs work, but we are there.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Episode 16 We can can we help keep Veronica Mars on the air?

Dave and I cover gaming for girls and how some believe the industry has failed women. Our Transformers coverage continues with the list of Robots in Disguise that will be in the movie, most of them we did not recognize. Marvel's Civil War goes into intermission, not good news for comic book readers but good news for people who want to get into it and get caught up. Mother F*ing Snakes on a Mother F*ing Plane! Do you know what Viral Marketing is? It got the word out on Snakes on a Plane, helped save Firefly, sorta, and now is trying to help keep shows like Veronica Mars on the air. We also Spotlighted the podcast Two Mics a Geek and a Podcast and their new upcoming podcast True Believers.

Keep listening and if your heading back to school, Dave's the smart one, he can help you with your homework. Just send him an email at

That's Good to Know Podcast
"Well at least Dave and I think it is!!"

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Two Geeks, a mic and a Podcast can be found at
And you can email them at

Home of the Browncoats
The Signal

More examples of Viral Marketing

Sign the Petition to save it

Veronica News

If this doesn't at least get you curious about Veronica Mars I don't know what will

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Episode 15 Net Neutrality

Do you know what Net Neutraliy is all about? Can you explain it to us? Dave and I try to breakdown the Net Neutrality issue. Something with tubes and telecoms. This is important!!! Hopefully this show gets more people out there especially other podcasters aware that this is a problem and needs to be talk about. We tried our best to give you the basics. Take them and use them to start discussions and get people talking about this. If you download only one episode of That's Good to Know, download this one. We have said that before, but this time we mean it.

Wikipedia -this link is to the definition of Net Neutrality that is being worked on.


hands off the net


Save the Internet

CNet News Story

Friday, August 11, 2006

Episode 14

Dave and I trust no one. This episode follows our continuing coverage of Mike Lang's career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Apparently, they are a hockey teem and they were quite good in years past. The government considers restricting access to myspace for minors in libraries. A professor at the University of Wisconsin believes the government was behind the 9/11 attacks. What is truth and reality? Don't ask us, we haven't a clue. A review of V for Vendetta Special Edition DVD.

If you decide to go out and buy the V Dvd before listening to this show, here is one tip, only buy the collectors edition if you want to display the mask or if your face is 2 inches by 2 inches. the mask is tiny.

Hope you enjoy the show. Don't forget to email us with opinions or comments you have on the show at

And if your looking for music for your show search for podsafe music. There are tons of great bands out there looking to be heard.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Episode 13

Dave and I put another episode in the can. *sorry LEO* Mel Gibson, violent Pac-man, and video game addiction are a few of the things we talked about. We run through the voice acting career of Peter Cullen who played Optimus Prime (he made a lot of money through the 80's). A special behind the scenes look at how they develop their programming. Dave recounts his JMS siting at Kennywood Amusement Park. And in our first podcast spotlight, take the 120 second podlight and multiply it by 10 we talked about the Video
Game Outsiders and Dave's hopes that they will help him with his Jeep problems.

Peter Cullen on Wikipedia

This is mostly for Dave....PROS AND CONS OF OWNING A JEEP

And here is a mention of the VGO and their fans view on G4 and techtv.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Episode 12........SDCC maybe next year???

Dave and I declare the intentions of the podcast, sorta. We announce that for those who didn't know, we are a news and review show.
Dave discusses the President's Veto on a Genetic Technology bill. We talk about the possible return in some form of TechTv.
I talked about one of the biggest DVD release announcements that I can remember over the past year or so. All I have to say is NARF! and HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO NURSE!
We go over a few Highlights of the San Diego Comicon (Like we
weren't going to mention it) brought to us by Newsarama and the guys at And Dave does a page by page review of Marvel Civil War issue three, it was a good one.

Once again thanks to all our fans for listening. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your nieghbors. Post it on your blog. Spread the word.

And if you want to tell us that you did all that, or anything else you have on your mind send us a message.

Leo's Blog

Guaranteed least thats what Dave says.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Episode 11

Dave and I move forward into podcasting history. Headlines, a review of 2006 All Star Fanfest,and RRAC: Transformers edition. The movie is coming next year but the talk has been going on for months now. Featuring music from Tea Leaves. If it weren't for us...this episode might be considered

The Tea Leaves

Next weeks show will be least it will have a higher number. :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Episode 10: Live from Studio B

The show has made it! This is our tenth episode and in Podcasting that means you have made it! We think. We probably made that up, but we are happy. From studio "B" Dave and Chris are joined with guest-host Rob and the episode degenerates as they watch Red Dawn. Yeah, every ten episode we are going to watch a Patrick Swaze. Teaser---In Episode Twenty we are going to watch Road House.

Red Dawn on Rotten Tomatoes

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Episode 9......what was that?

Okay, lets do episode nine of That's Good to Know! Dave and Chris talk about Mark Millar's auction
to benefit Crohns Disease research. Manly Video games. The New Frontier comic book series being made
into a direct to video movie. The first edition of the RRAC, covering robots in the World Cup. Be
the first to email and win a secret prize. Special clips from Short
Circuit and Tango & Cash.

The links to Mark Millar's auction all came up closed. I will update this as soon as I can.

Here is a link to Short Circuit's Wikipedia Entry

Here is a link to the Tango and Cash's Wikipedia Entry

More to come soon.....I promise

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Episode 8

MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! Dave and Chris loose guest-host of the show, Rob. This week the show touches on parenting. Who should decide how much violence kids are exposed to? Parents? The Media? Government? Listen to this episode and decide for yourself. Spider-man gets outed. No, Peter Parker isn't on the list from episode seven. The guys do a break down of the issue number two of the Marvel Comics series Civl War and its crossover titles. Also featuring the first edition of the 120 second Podlight which took about 125 seconds in covering some of the podcasts I listen to every week. I hope it catches on and becomes the podcast version of G4's the feed. Oh wait, I meant the NY Times top ten for podcasts. We hope you enjoyed the drama of That's Good to Know, because its free. So at least you are getting your moneys worth.

And next show, if I can get it ready in time you will get to enjoy That's Good to Know's rack, well sorta anyway.

Hillary's Site

Not much to link to this week, but if you listened to the 120 second podlight check out those podcasts on itunes.

Check our feedburner site for diffent download and subscription options.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Episode 7: A formatted show?


Dave,Rob and I tried once again to have a show with a format to it. We partially succeeded in that we had segments but some had to be cut since the two news stories went a bit long. Both stories were good and full fo things that were good to know like Dave's story on Genetic Technology. He discussed the factual side of things and the sci-fi "clone wars" side of things. The show then moved to gaming when I discussed the site/magazine/podcast 2old2play. It was very interesting and made me feel better about my all nighters on Halo 2. Then there was our first semi-origianal segment "It came from Wikipedia". This took a look at a list of gay and lesbian characters in
mainstream comics, showing that the story on Batwoman coming out of the closet was nothing new to the comic book universe.

This show had less F-bombs and no rain. I wonder if those are related. Well see you next week, or at least sometime soon. With Sunday being our new recording day for now and this Sunday being Father's day, the show might be a little late.

"It came from Wikipedia"
This link will take to the long and interesting lists of gay/bi-sexual comic book characters.

Here is a link to one of the stories about Batwoman that led us to Wikipedia and here is Batwoman's Wikipedia entry.

The site 2old2play is an interesting site if you are into gaming, over 25, and are looking for some xbox live players. Check it out and register, if your old enough.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Episode 6: The X-men eXtravaganza

Dave and Chris are joined by guest-host Rob and the three talk about X3:The Last Stand. The discussion compares Brett Ratner's vision of the X-Men to Bryan Singer's. They question what aspects of the latest sequel remain true the ideals and characterizations of the X-Men. They rate many of the recent supehero movies. This episode is three guys geeking out over comics and movies, but the conversation spins into some insightful areas. If you have ever enjoyed a superhero film then you should listen to this podcast. Bonus Feature: The Saint Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry V as performed by Kenneth Branagh in the 1989 Renaissance Films production is used as the
intro and at the end of the podcast (See we are cultured too)

Here is the official X3 Site.

If you want an Xmenologist's point of view, even though I don't think thats a word check out the ifanboy look at X3.

There are plenty of other reviews out there but let me just put it to you this way. If you like action and entertaining sci-fi movies then go see it. If your going to nit pick at every little detail, go see it but don't expect much. If your an X-men fan, see it no matter what, it may not be the best movie ever made but it is worth seeing if your a true fan. If your reading this and you should be on some completely different site, download our show while your here and maybe we can help you out.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Episode 5....We made it ...sorta ...kinda

When Dave and I first started podcasting we were told about 2 early milestones we needed to reach to feel more a part of the Podcasting community. First we needed to make it to Episode 5. From there we could begin our advertising campaign, or at least try to get more then two people to listen. Next we need to hit 10. Ten is a solid number that shows that your serious about this and that in some peoples minds we made it. So this show, our first show attempting to have some sort of format gets us to our first milestone. It also gives us a chance, due to lack of material to look back at 4 of our proudest,ahh maybe more like....well 4 moments in our show's brief past and shows what kind of stuff our listeners can look forward to in the future.

Mercenaries 2 Makes Venezuela Nervous (PS3)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Read up on Pulse and may of Brian Bendis other comics at Jinx World

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Give Jen and Corey a listen on THE BUCKET and vote for them at podcast alley.

Vote for us at podcast alley and leave some comments. We would appreciate the feedback.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vote for us....or at least listen to us....maybe think about it?

If your reading this blog my clever plan worked, or you misspelled the site you were trying to get to. The next step is for you to subscribe to our show. Its a good show. We are still working out the kinks but with listener input and maybe a new mic we should get better as the shows go on.
Our next show due out Monday or so will be our first show with an attempt at a format, if we can find one. And the show after that will be all X3.

We are going to see it Sunday and will give you our unbiased opinion on it, unless that Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romaine autographed picture comes first. Shh..don't tell Dave.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Episode 4

Dave and Chris cover E3, the gaming expo that wrapped up more than a week ago. Now you know that these guys spent all that time working on in depth analysis of the games and where the industry is going to be heading with the next generation. They have their picks of what was cool, spun in that cooky way that their fans have come to love. Yes! They do to have fans! Well they have a couple listeners. At this point they may have more haters than listeners, but they will not be discouraged. Do your worst El Nacho, you are no match for these two. Although if you just let tem go, they will probably just destroy themselves.

Here is some E3 coverage from well....E3

If your looking to talk about or listen to some guys and girls talk about gaming here are some great places to look

All Games Radio

The Video Game Show

Video Game Outsiders

*All of the sites about have podcasts connected to them*

And just so there's no hard feelings....

Here is a link to El Nacho's site and podcast

Check our feedburner site for diffent download and subscription options.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Episode 3

The podcast goes into Civil War! Who's side are you on? Dave and Chris cover Marvel's big event for
this summer, Civil War. They look at how it has been covered by media outside of the comic book
industry. They talk about the writer of Civil War, Mark Millar. They compare the story to 9/11 and
the Patriot Act. Chris debates Dave, but neither of the guys get cool new Spider-armor to fight in.

Actual text from the Patriot Act

NPR's View on the Civil War

Newsarama's story on Civil War

IGN Preview and look at Civil War

Marvel's View on Civil War

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Episode 2 of That's Good to Know

It was a struggle, but we won't be kept quiet! Episode Two of That's Good to Know is online and
ready for download. Dave and Chris cover their lack of interest in this summer's blockbuster movies.
Chris gets paranoid about Dave trying to write him out of the show. Dave makes a plea to the
audience for psycho analysis. No wonder Switchpod faked a crash of their systems to get us off of
the internet, we're nuts!

Try these links for more info:

Apple Movie Trailers


Superman Returns

Da Vinci Code

That's Good to Know

Check our feedburner site for diffent download and subscription options.

Links for the show

Here are a few links related to our first show.

Pittsburgh Comicon

Brian Bendis


DNA Frees local man

That's Good to Know


The Prototype Episode of That's Good to Know. The one that starts it all. In this episode Dave and
Chris talk about their experience at the Pittsburgh Comicon, meeting Brian Michael Bendis, and
Dave's dad drops in and learns what a podcast is.

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